The Summer Creative Intensive (SCI) is a week-long programme designed to provide high school students with a passion for the creative arts an opportunity to gain insights into developing sustainable careers in the arts.

The SCI programme lasts for one week.

There are only 15 spaces available in the SCI programme.

The aim of the SCI programme is to not only strengthen the participating students’ artistic skills but also provide knowledge on how to turn their passions into fulfilling and sustainable professions.

Students can expect to gain hands-on experience through studio projects, exposure to various art forms and media, instruction in building a strong portfolio, insights from guest art professionals, access to creative institutions, and the opportunity to mount a final exhibition of their artwork.

Yes, the programme includes dedicated time and instruction towards the development of the core skills required to build a strong portfolio.

Selection Criteria

The SCI programme is open to high school students in Jamaica who are in grades 10 to 13.

This year we’ve partnered with the Ministry of Education and Youth, Jamaica to select students from ten (10) schools across the island who are currently in grades 10 to 13, are focused on art-based subjects and are planning to pursue a career in art.

While we don’t have open applications this year, as it’s the pilot for the programme, our goal is to open applications to the public for the coming years after a successful run of the Intensive.


Students will be engaged in unique, in-depth studio projects that are specifically tailored to the experiences of CXC (CSEC/CAPE) art students.

Yes, students will have the opportunity to work directly with industry professionals who will lead seminar classes in a variety of art fields. Please visit our Speakers page to learn more about our session facilitators.

The SCI will have instructional sessions led by guest art professionals who are experts in various art fields. They provide valuable insights and knowledge to the students.. Please visit our Speakers page to learn more about our session facilitators.

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