We’ve brought together professionals from various art industries to help provide guidance and insight to our participating students. Take a look below.

Iman Stewart - The UCAP

Iman Stewart

Design Director, IS Interiors

Topic: Interior Design

Garfield Wood - The UCAP

Garfield Wood

Founder, GW Architects Limited, Jamaica

Topic: Architecture

Assan Farquarson - The UCAP

Assan FarquHarson

Executive Director & Production Manager, “Inna Di Mix” 

Topic: Entertainment

Randall Richards - The UCAP

Randall Richards

Director, Mint Creative

Topic: Photography / Cinematography

Kristofferson Nunes - Speakers - Summer Creative Intensive - The UCAP

Kristofferson Nunes

Founder, The Career Doc

Topic: Resume Development

Melisa Ellis - Speakers - Summer Creative Intensive - The UCAP

Melisa Ellis

Founder/CEO, Nobellum Enterprise

Topic: Pitching / Intellectual Property

Kathryn lAWRENCE

Founder, The Ubuntu Creative Arts Project 

Topic: Portfolio & Resume Development


Founder, Binge Island LLC

Topic: Brand Design & Development


Founder, Wrightway Education

Topic: International Education & Work Opportunities

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