Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The reasoning behind the focus on the non-traditional fields is because not many scholarships and financial support are out there for persons who want to pursue these fields. Many young persons go in the direction that they can afford. For some that means taking the scholarships in the more traditional fields and for others it means studying what their parents say they will pay for. With this being said, the UCAP is trying to level the playing field and create a choice where none truly existed before.

As mentioned on our “About Us” page, Ubuntu means “I am because we are.” It is our belief that it is our duty to impart our knowledge and resources to those who would benefit from them. Additionally, Ubuntu suggests the idea of a network of people. It took many people to help to brainstorm and motivate the growth and implementation of Ubuntu and the name pays homage to all those people.

The monthly artist feature was put in place so that artists and creatives who are looking at the page can see people who are pushing through their circumstances to make it. It also offers recognition for creatives across the board, whether they are emerging or very experienced and successful. Often times we pay attention to or recognize people when they have gotten a big name. However, this feature highlights the importance of the process. The hope is that these artists will be able to look back and monitor their growth. Furthermore, emerging professionals will be able to look at their stories as less intimidating and more inspirational and relatable.

Most definitely! You’ll just have to stay tuned and see what we’re up to. We promise you will be pleasantly surprised.