Scholarships & Grants

The Ubuntu Visual Arts Grant - St. Andrew High School for Girls

The application period for this grant will span five months (February to June) of each year. It will award $40,000.00 to the student who applies and meets/surpasses all the criteria outlined in the application form.

The Ubuntu Creative Arts Scholarship - Wolmer's Preparatory School

This scholarship will be awarded to a Grade Six student upon their graduation and receipt of the award for being the ‘Most Outstanding Student in Visual Arts.’ It will also award $20,000.00 to the recipient.

The UCAP & Nobellum Enterprise College & University Art Scholarship

The Ubuntu Creative Arts Project (UCAP) and Nobellum Enterprise have joined forces to create a scholarship for international students from the Caribbean diaspora studying at Colleges & Universities in Canada who are pursuing technology-based creative fields, i.e. applied art forms. 

This scholarship serves the purpose of providing financial support and encouragement for students who have chosen to pursue STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Mathematics) based careers and to support the evolution of creative fields.

The Ubuntu Creative Arts High School Grant (Jamaica)

The Ubuntu Creative Arts High School Grant serves the purpose of providing financial aid for high school students in Jamaica who have demonstrated a passion for the visual arts.


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