The Ubuntu Creative Arts Scholarship serves the purpose of providing financial aid for one child who displays a passion for the Visual Arts. The selection will be based on financial need, demonstrated passion, skill and an overall love for the area.


The student eligible for assistance must be a student of the Wolmer’s Preparatory School and must be graduating from Grade 6 in July.


This scholarship will be awarded annually, and the student will be selected by the visual arts professor with assistance from the administrative staff and professors.


Each scholarship awarded will amount to JA $20,000. This amount will be paid in full, in the form of a cheque, at the time of the award/during the graduation ceremony.


The deadline for selection of the awardee is the 1st of May. This will allow for the necessary measures to be put in place to award the child.

Renewal Process

The scholarship is not renewable, as one child will be selected each academic year.