Scholarship Criteria – The UCAP & Nobellum Enterprise Applied Arts Scholarship

Please find the criteria for The UCAP & Nobellum Enterprise College & University Scholarship. When you're ready, and have understood the terms, feel free to apply.


The Ubuntu Creative Arts College & University Grant serves the purpose of providing financial aid for international students (from the Caribbean diaspora) in Canada who are pursuing diplomas and degrees in creative fields (as defined in the Criteria section below).


  • Must be an international student from the Caribbean diaspora enrolled in college or university student studying in a creative field (the applied arts)
    • Proof of enrolment in program required
    • Applied Arts include:
      • Design related fields (Interior Design, Industrial Design, Architecture, Graphic Design, and so on)
      • Film & Television
      • Animation & Illustration
  • Students are to submit:
    • 2 recommendation letters
    • A 500-word write-up introduction from themselves and explaining why the student believes that they deserve the grant or a 5-minute long video introducing themselves and explaining why the student believes that they deserve the grant.
    • Digital files of their work - preferably one of their favourite pieces along with a 250-word explanation of why the piece speaks to them


This grant will be awarded annually to the selected student in the Winter Semester.

The scholarship can be used for the following expenses:

  • living expenses such as (phone bills: data and the amount spent, rent), and
  • academic expenses like textbooks.

To ensure the appropriate use of funds, the scholarship allocation should be documented with receipts.


Each grant awarded will amount to One Thousand ($1000) Canadian dollars. This amount will be paid in full at the time of the award. In addition to this, awardees will be featured on the Ubuntu Creative Arts Project website, under the “Awardeessection under “Scholarships & Grants”.


The application period is from the 1st of October 2023 - the 30th of April 2024. Applications will not be accepted outside of this period.

Renewal Process

The grant is not renewable, as only one student per academic year will be awarded. Students are more than welcome to re-apply in following years for the chance to receive the grant once again.