Artist Follow Up – K’yana Edwards (2018 Award Recipient)

Earlier on in the year, K’yana expressed her gratitude for the Ubuntu Creative Arts Grant and shared her final submissions for her CSEC exam with the UCAP team.

She has recently also made us aware that she received a Grade One, which is the highest distinction in the CSEC Examinations, for visual arts.

It really is a true privilege to be able to support the dreams and goals of others. That is at the heart of what and why we do what we do at the UCAP and why we will continue to seek out avenues to improve our reach and impact. Again, it is important to continue to encourage our youth since they define our future society.

Congratulations again K’yana on completing another milestone and thank you for being such a talented addition to our UCAP family!

The following are images of her beautifully completed CSEC pieces:

Birds of Paradise



Market Time


Under The Sea