Monthly Artist Feature (January 2019) – Jaida Salmon

Artist’s Name: Jaida Salmon

Artist’s Age: 22

Artform: Animation / Illustration

Instagram: @gojaidago


Why do you do what you do? When did you realize a passion for what you do?

I feel like if I didn’t do what I do, I wouldn’t be doing anything. Why do I do it? It’s just a part of me, I love art so much I can’t not draw things. Even if it’s bad drawings, I still have to do it. It’s a way of expressing myself. Animation specifically, I like it because… it brings the tech and the art together and I like seeing it move and change and flow and bring emotion to it. I feel like there is a different aspect you can get from moving pictures.

What is your educational background?

Well, I went to elementary school, high school, one year of Art Fundamentals, and now I’m finishing my degree in Animation.

What are some of the challenges that you have faced while trying to pursue your passion?

A lot of self doubt for sure. Especially being at Sheridan in the animation department, there are a lot of amazing artists and [sometimes I feel like] I am nothing in comparison to them. So [it’s about] learning how to not compare yourself to others but also kind of compare yourself to others and seeing how you can use this to push yourself forward versus bring[ing] yourself down.

Have you encountered people who have been skeptical about your dreams?

My family is super supportive and I find it so strange. [I hear] stories from other people [who are told to] “go to become a doctor.”[While] my family is like “go and do whatever.” They don’t really… know what it is.

What are some of the fears that you face?

  1. I’m nervous for the next step, all I know is school.
  2. I’m not going to get a job.
  3. Getting a job I don’t like.
  4. Getting a job that I really like but i’m not able to do properly.

The list could just go on forever…

How do you deal with those fears?

Well, my mom tells me “Jaida, just don’t worry about it, stop stressing yourself out. If they hire you it means they want you and you’re capable at doing the job.” So yeah, I just have to take it one step at a time.

How do you work? What is the method to your ‘madness’ and how do you filter your creativity?

How do I do that? I have to think about that one…

I think it depends on what the piece is, if it’s for school I have to think objectively. What is it that I need to achieve and what would be the best way for me personally to get a nice product? Because… I know where my strengths are in artwork so I try to play to that.

If it’s something more personal like I just want to draw in my sketchbook or create something that is not related to school, I think it’s something more based on emotion and how I’m feeling at that time. So that changes, I guess, the whole method or process of it, because I solely focus on how I’m feeling in that moment.

Out of all your work, which piece resonates the most with you?

Umm.. I don’t really know which image resonates with me the most. I would say the things that I draw in my prayer journal. Those are revelations that God gives me when I’m working or praying or reading my Bible, these images would come. So I have some of those … those hold the most meaning to me.

By what terms do you measure success or perfection? When do you feel like you can say that your work is finished and ready to be experienced by others?

When I get to a point that I know if I go any further I’m going to mess it up, then I’m done.

“[It’s about] learning how to not compare yourself to others but also kind of compare yourself to others and seeing how can you use this to push yourself forward versus bring yourself down.”

~ Jaida Salmon