Monthly Artist Feature (June 2021) – Johnathan “Rankine Jedd” Rankine

Artist Name: Johnathan Rankine

Name of Brand: Rankine Jedd

Artist’s Age: 23

Artform: Pro Drummer & Producer (Music)

Why do you do what you do?

The reasons that lead me to become a musician & producer comes from a place of passion, love and purpose. Also, I have  to no choice as music is apart of who I am as an individual & creative.

When did you realize you had a passion for what you do?

My art has always been therapeutic for me from a young age, but the passion for it matured in 2011 in High School. It was the people around me that pointed it out at first, but I soon realized the truth in what they were saying. 

What is your educational background?

I recently finished a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Performance at Edna Manley College and prior to that was a high school Diploma from “Compre” Herbert Morrison Technical High School.

What are some of the challenges you faced  while trying to pursue your passion?

Financing a career in the arts can be quite expensive, with little to no financial gain in the upcoming stages. Another challenge is the lack of support for anyone who endeavors into the arts whether music, dance, drama or visual art.

Have you ever encountered people who have been skeptical about your dreams and how did you deal with it?

Most definitely, I’ve encountered quite a few on my journey so far. I’m an optimistic person, so someone else’s unbelief in my path or purpose doesn’t phase me. I think the best ways to deal doubters is to use that doubt as motivation to prove them wrong or just keep it moving.

How do you react to those individuals now?

It’s all love from then ’till now for those same people, because at the end of the day opinions are inevitable. We have to be able to accept that as a creative each person that comes in contact you and your art perceives the experience differently.

What are some of the fears you face within your journey today?

I’m unable to answer this question as it was stated, because I’ve chosen not to let the fear of anything get to me. I face the path I’m on fearlessly and with contentment while not knowing what may unfold next.

How do you deal with those fears?

The greatest help to overcome any fear is a firm and daily trust in the Most High. Meditation is also playing a key role in that. 

How do you work, what is the method to your “madness” and how do you filter your creativity?

My creative process is very spontaneous and simple, sometimes I would hear the entire tune in my head including bass, Keyboards and so forth. Other times, I would call in a few musicians, merge ideas as they come, until vibe is right.

Another aspect of my process is a phenomenon – as I see sound, frequencies and music in colours. [This is] formally known as Synesthesia. Making music is very much like paint a piece of art.

What role do you believe the artist has in society?/how do you feel your artform has the power to benefit society/how do wish it would impact society?

I believe that an artist is the voice of the people, relating to daily life as we know it as a Jamaican. Also bringing forth a message whether of change, solution or encouragement. Music is one of the most powerful forms of creativity on the planet, the impact it has on people is amazing. Your words, sounds and vibes can save a life, change someone for the better, inspire and so much more.

Out of all your bodies of work which piece resonates with you most?

“Ready to Play” by Jah9 feat Tarrus Riley is a personal fav of mine. Out of the projects I have recorded on.

Where do you see yourself going?

One of my current goals is to transition into being an Artist, releasing my own music and tap into the instrumental artist market that isn’t very popular in Jamaica. Also being a part of the revival of the Montego Bay’s music scene.

By what terms do you measure success or perfection? When do you feel like you can say that your work is finished and ready to be experienced by others?

The business side of my career field is definitely the most stressful. Inclusive of promotions, registration with various organizations for royalties and publishing, get bookings, contracts etc.

What elements of your career bring you the most stress and how do you deal with it?

The solution to this stress was to get a manager, this allows me to focus on my craft while still keeping the business side of things in check.

The word “ubuntu” means “I Am because we are”; how have you seen that reflected in your own life

I believe we are all linked to one consciousness and after each other in this life. We are also who we are based on who we choose to absorb from and be inspired by. Therefore, the philosophy of “Ubuntu” is undeniably present in my journey.

What is some advice that you would give to anyone who is trying to walk the same path as you?

Do it for the love, the progression of music and because you feel a sense of purpose in doing so. The journey is a slow and rocky one, but the reward is sure.

What is something( Quote or reminder) that you live by?

Anything your mind conceive, you can achieve!

“…I see sound, frequencies and music in colours. [This is] formally known as Synesthesia. Making music is very much like painting a piece of art.”

~ Johnathan “Rankine Jedd” Rankine