Monthly Artist (January 2022) – Dubdraws

Artist’s Name:  Nalia/Dubstep/Dub

Name of Brand: Dubdraws._ 

Artist’s Age: 19

Artform: Graphic Design/Character Art  

Country:  Jamaica

Why do you do what you do? When did you realize a passion for what you do?

I’ve actually been drawing for as long as I can remember! I have drawings all the way back from 2004/5. I used to spend hours drawing in my notebooks and a bunch of sketchbooks.  Honestly, it’s a bit overwhelming [thinking about the number of] drawings and books I have, and the amount of time I used to spend on MSPaint drawing the Powerpuff Girls as a kid.

I got into drawing more anime because of my older female cousin [who I really looked up to]. She taught me what she knew and I went off from there. I’ve been drawing and honing my skills ever since and I’ve even dabbled in animation.

I started doing digital art on my iPad with Autodesk Sketchbook and MSPaint on my laptop. Then I got my Wacom Intuous Draw in 2017, moved to FireAlpaca, and just about a year ago, I started to do my main drawings on my Samsung A31 with IbisPaintX.

Why do I do this? Because I enjoy it, and I’m able to express myself through it

What is your educational background?

I’m a prep school baby. Went to a number of schools cuz my family kept moving, but settled at Mona Prep from Grades 2 to 6.

I did GSAT at 11, and then I went to high-school (Ardenne High School). I did Art in CSEC (which didn’t really teach me anything I didn’t already know), and also did Digital Media in CAPE.

In terms of art overall, I’m basically self taught, with the help of a few upperclassmen back in high-school in art club.

What are some of the challenges that you have faced while trying to pursue your passion?

Well, I get burnt out pretty easily sometimes, or simply get art blocked.  Admittedly as well, I get disheartened when I see other artists who are typically younger than me who are doing “better” than me. Logically, I know it’s because people have more access to resources and references, but sometimes I still feel like I’m below par.  

Have you encountered people who have been skeptical about your dreams?

Funnily enough, the people who have really shown any skepticism towards my dreams were people in my family; namely, my parents. My dad would tell me that I need to be “really good” to really get somewhere and that art is niche and hard to get into. As a collective, both my parents just didn’t see any sort of art related job as anything viable.  Now they might say that I can do it on the side, but they would rather I have something else with more stability, which is something I totally agree with.

I know they mean the best for me, but the way they treated it initially has really impacted my self esteem towards it. Friends and peers on the other hand are generally on the other side of the spectrum.

How did you initially react to those people and how do you act towards them now?

Well, at first I would be hurt, naturally. 

I’d still draw, but I’d more so keep it as a secret from them.  Now that I’m older, though, I’m able to sit down and discern their true intentions and realize that they don’t mean to hurt me.

How do you work? What is the method to your ‘madness’ and how do you filter your creativity?

Random. Bursts. Of Creativity. I draw whenever my head is just bubbling over with concepts and ideas, or maybe just a level of energy, and I’ll keep on drawing and drawing.  Sometimes, I feel like I’ll go crazy when I can’t portray what I want, ESPECIALLY if it’s an animation idea (since I’m not that good yet).  In other cases, I’ll also draw to cope with any strong feelings I may have at the time, whether positive or negative.

What role do you believe “the artist” has in society? / How do you feel your artform has the power to benefit society?

Artists are meant to beautify and bring life to a world that’s generally dulled in colour ♡.

At the very least, I hope that my art inspires the heart of anyone who is aspiring to be an artist too. I also love helping anyone who reaches out to me for any sort of help that might cause them to improve!  

Out of all your work, which piece resonates the most with you?

This is a very tough question that I might not even have an answer to.  As I stated before, my art is basically an expression of what I feel at the time, so I will have multiple pieces that resonance with me the most at different points in time.

Where do you see yourself going?

In all honesty, I’m not even 100% sure yet. I’m still really young, and I have a lot of things to work out. I can only hope that where I end up is somewhere I enjoy being.

By what terms do you measure success or perfection? When do you feel like you can say that your work is finished and ready to be experienced by others?

When the line art is clean, the colours harmonize, the aesthetic lines up, and you’re able to feel what I felt when you look at my piece.  Once I can look at it and genuinely say to myself that I’ve done as much as I can to this piece to bring out its maximum potential, then, for sure, I’m ready to show.

“Once I can look at it and genuinely say to myself that I’ve done as much as I can to this piece to bring out its maximum potential, then, for sure, I’m ready to show.”

~ Dubstep