Presentation of the Ubuntu Visual Arts Scholarship – The Wolmer’s Preparatory School

On Friday, the 5th of July 2019, the Ubuntu Visual Arts Scholarship was presented to Grade Six graduate of the Wolmer’s Preparatory School, Nia-Amoi Currie, by UCAP Founder & CEO, Kathryn Lawrence.

The award accompanied Nia’s receipt of the Top Visual Art Student Award for the academic year of 2018-19.

“The award was inspired by my own receipt of the Top Visual Art Student Award in 2008 at the Wolmer’s Preparatory school. That really set the tone for who I would become as a creative and a person. It has always been a strong desire of mine to pass on the baton to persons coming behind me and help them to actualize their goals. I’ve been so blessed with all that I have had the opportunity to receive and experience and I want nothing more than to do what I can to allow other persons to receive more than I have, so that they can be propelled even further when their time comes.

This is honestly the reason for Ubuntu, ‘I am because we are‘ and my hope is that I can continue to help others to be because I am/was.”

~ Kathryn Lawrence

At the UCAP, we aspire to inspire young budding creatives like Nia-Amoi to continue to pursue their passions no matter what. We understand the importance of planting seeds in our youth since they will determine the outcomes of our futures. We hope that she continues to push boundaries and be a trailblazer as she steps into this new season.

Again, we welcome Nia-Amoi to the UCAP family, congratulating her on her receipt of the award and we hope for her continued excellence and success in all of her future endeavours!

See the photos from the presentation below:

Nia-Amoi Currie with her mother (on the right) and grandmother (on the left).