K’yana Edwards – The Ubuntu Visual Arts Grant Recipient 2018

K’yana Edwards is currently a grade 11 student at the St. Andrew High School for Girls in Kingston, St. Andrew, Jamaica. K’yana hopes to become a Graphic Designer in the future. This textile piece, that was completed by Edwards, is entitled “Orchids in Paradise.” This piece, according to Edwards,

‘speaks to a very important issue of identity.’

The following is an excerpt of K’yana’s explanation behind the piece:

“In psychology, identity is the qualities, beliefs, personality, looks and expressions that make a person. Some people spend their entire lives trying to figure out who they are and in the end lose themselves. They not only lose themselves, but their peace and happiness. They become confused and the search for self can be exhausting and scary. Sometimes it is easier to go on a hunt for paradise; to find anything that will take your mind off the fact that you don’t know who you are.

Paradise is defined as a place of extreme beauty, delight and happiness. In my batik composition, a woman, like many women in society, has lost touch with who she is. Her perception of self is muzzled and she finds a sense of self in these orchids. The orchids become her paradise. They rekindle her femininity as illustrated by the pink colour. Like many people, she never had the luxury of going to a place that brought her happiness, delight and was extremely beautiful. She had to create this for herself. Hopefully, she will continue the daunting search for herself but, for now, she will stay behind these orchids. These orchids in paradise.”

K’yana has proved herself a more than worthy recipient of the Ubuntu Visual Arts Grant and we wish her nothing but success in all of her future endeavours. Congratulations K’yana!

3 thoughts on “K’yana Edwards – The Ubuntu Visual Arts Grant Recipient 2018”

  1. I know she had it in her to do great things. I saw few of her pieces and they were meticulously done. I would definitely buy her pieces; I can see a lot of thought process in her work.

  2. Her explanation of her piece is very comprehensive and explains why people are so much disturbed, because they can’t see the good in themselves. I would like more young people to see and read her explanations of her art. This young lady knows who she is and the path to take to achieve her goals. Excellent job and congratulations Kyana.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment Icilda! K’yana is an excellent artist. This is why we do what we do at the UCAP, to shed a light on amazing artists, like her, and provide a medium for them to be seen and heard by others.

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